Update March 17, 2020: Given the unprecedented global health situation, SVPG has canceled all public workshops in March and April to help keep you and your communities safe. We are constantly assessing the latest data and will continue to update attendees and the website on changes in the status of workshops. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in remote leadership or transformation coaching for your teams.

Please stay safe and healthy!
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There are many organizations today, both commercial and academic, that advocate or teach the way product is conventionally done in most organizations.  That is not what we do.  We focus exclusively on the way product is done at the best organizations.

The difference between the two is dramatic, and impacts every area of your company, and we acknowledge up front that this is difficult.  If you’re not sure what this difference entails, please read this article on the difference between feature teams and empowered product teams.

Our workshops and speaking engagements are much less about training, and more about sharing the best practices on how great technology products get made, and how to transform your organization. They have proven very popular and are nearly always sold-out with long waiting lists.

We offer occasional public workshops in locations around the world, and private workshops conducted on-site.

Because of the difficulty of this challenge, all of our partners are experienced and proven product leaders from world-class tech-powered companies.  Any session we run – whether public or private – is led by one of our senior partners.

Please note that our workshops are exclusively for technology-based product companies – consumer, B2B/enterprise, platform, device and mobile.  Our sessions are not designed for companies producing consumer packaged goods and services, such as soft drinks or cosmetics or the like.  If you believe that technology is fundamentally changing your industry, and that consistent innovation needs to become your core competency, then that is our focus.

Public Workshops:

Private Onsite Workshops:

Conferences and Corporate Speaking Engagements:


Public Workshop: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

These two-day public workshops were originally created for startup co-founders, and this group still makes up a significant percentage of a typical session, however, many companies we’ve worked with over the years have continued to grow, and as they hire additional product staff they often send them to one of the public workshops.

The sessions are aimed primarily at product managers and product owners, and directors and VP’s of product management, although we usually have a few CTO’s and UX leaders that attend as well.

NOTE: Please be warned that this is an intense two days.  It is designed for technology product people that are serious about becoming exceptional at their job.  We will use every minute of the two days, and your head will be spinning.  Our intention is to provide the single best learning opportunity in the world for aspiring product managers and product leaders.  These sessions have always sold out with a long waiting list, so please don’t sign up to take a spot unless you are serious about your career in product and willing to work hard to improve your skills.  If you’re not sure it’s for you, talk to someone that has attended a session.

The public sessions are typically held in San Francisco, New York, and London.

See upcoming public workshops.

Public Workshop: How to Rethink Product Marketing

This one-day interactive workshop is ideal for Directors, Product Marketers, and executives wishing to improve the product marketing function. It’s a focused day of learning that shows how product marketing can be done well regardless of organizational structure.

The workshop covers marketing strategy, positioning, messaging, agile marketing practices and marketing measurement. I teach one-sheet ‘canvas’ like frameworks that attendees practice using in class with real company examples. Teams attending the trainings can choose to have their own company materials reviewed and improved as part of the workshop.

We only put two of these on a year, so make sure to reserve a spot early. Workshops are typically held in San Francisco.

For questions about the product marketing sessions, please contact martina at

See upcoming public workshops.

Product Team Workshop


The Product Team Workshop is an onsite version of the popular public session: “How To Create Tech Products Customers Love.” However, this session is customized to the specific products, industry, business model, processes and culture of your company, and is aimed at your actual, cross-functional product teams (aka squads).

The workshop shares industry best practices around roles, organization, tools, processes, techniques and culture, and is intended for: product managers/product owners, product/UX designers, user researchers, software architects/lead engineers, data analysts, project/program managers, product marketing managers, as well as management from these various functional areas.


The objectives are to share industry best practices in terms of roles, methods, and how great teams work, for those people responsible for product discovery and product delivery. Moreover, we strive to encourage a culture of product discovery that is the hallmark of modern product organizations.

Since strong product teams today solve problems collaboratively, we focus on the interactions between product managers, product designers, and engineers.

This is an intense, interactive workshop designed to challenge the organization and provide immediately applicable skills and techniques to your product managers, designers and architects/lead engineers.


The workshop is designed around essential lessons in discovering and delivering successful products. Each lesson is a discussion about an issue, tool or technique that will make a difference in your product. All are full of examples to illustrate the point. Exercises throughout let you try out the skills and techniques. The goal is that your product team can begin applying these lessons immediately with their own products.


This workshop is held at or near your offices, at the location of your choice.

The Product Team Workshop requires a Product Organizational Assessment, which is normally conducted the day prior.

The session is generally limited to 60 people because more than that loses the dynamics of a highly interactive session. We strongly encourage including product managers, designers and lead engineers from product teams that work together on a daily basis.


The specific content is tuned to the needs of the organization based on the assessment, but generally includes the following:

  • Product Organization – Teams, People, and Roles
  • Scaling and Alignment – Vision, Strategy, Portfolio, Team Structure, Coordinated Objectives
  • Product Discovery – Mindset and toolset for ensuring that what you build is valuable, usable, feasible and viable
  • Product Delivery – Consistently and rapidly bringing quality products to market
  • Product Culture & Transformation – Instilling product values into your organization

Please contact us to learn more.

Product Leadership Workshop


For larger organizations, where there are generally more than 10-20 cross-functional product teams, it often makes sense to conduct a private session just for those people responsible for leading the product organization, including creating the product vision and product strategy, setting priorities, and coaching and developing the members of the cross-functional product teams – especially product managers, product designers and engineers.

Normally this includes the managers, directors and VP of product management, the managers and directors of user experience design, and the managers, directors and other leaders of engineering.

This is a single, full-day session where we discuss the overall framework and critical concepts, as well as the challenges unique to leading, staffing, coaching and providing team-specific objectives that are aligned across the organization.


The workshop is generally limited to 60 managers and leaders who work directly with the cross-functional product teams.


  • Staffing and Coaching
  • Team Topology
  • Product Vision and Strategy
  • Team Objectives and Empowerment
  • Discovery Principles and Mindset

Please contact us to learn more.

Executive Briefing

Teaching product teams the latest techniques is fairly straightforward and the teams generally love the learnings and examples. But to truly work like the best product companies, this normally requires changes that impact the broader organization, often in significant ways.

In the Executive Briefing, we discuss the conventional model of how companies utilize technology, and why this approach typically fails to deliver the value you need – especially in terms of innovation and speed. Then we discuss how exceptional product companies leverage technology and their teams to consistently deliver value for your customers. We also set your expectations for what you should be expecting from your product organization.

This session is designed for the senior executives including key stakeholders, and we suggest limiting to 15.  We have found that it is critical to be able to have candid conversations.

Please contact us to learn more.

See upcoming public workshops.

Corporate Speaking Engagements

If you are holding a company event or offsite, or a leadership team meeting, and you need an inspiring speaker, we provide talks on a range of topics related to innovation, product culture, digital transformation, and team empowerment.

Please contact us to discuss availability and speaking fees.

Conference Keynotes

If you are planning a conference, and you need an inspiring keynote speaker on topics related to product and innovation, we have a long history of providing highly-rated, inspiring and actionable keynotes at conferences worldwide.

Please contact us to discuss.

We also serve on Advisory Boards and occasionally provide more advanced strategic consulting services.

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