EMPOWERED: Product Leadership Workshop

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products

Our newest workshop is designed for the leaders and aspiring leaders of technology-powered product organizations. This includes managers and leaders of product management, product design, and engineering.

We cover what’s involved in moving to true empowered product teams, starting with the skills and responsibilities of the leaders, assembling the necessary staff and skills, and establishing relationships with your company’s stakeholders.

Please note that this is not an introductory session.  This session is not designed for individual contributors, unless you are specifically training for a leadership position.  You should have already read the book INSPIRED: How To Create Products Customers Love, and ideally attended the associated workshop.

Public Workshops:

We offer this workshop both online and in-person. 

The in-person workshop runs for one full day, and is typically held in San Francisco, New York, and London.

The online version is conducted via video conference in four, 2-hour sessions. These sessions occur at the same time on four consecutive days in a single week.  There is homework each day, as well as “office hours” with the instructor. 

In-person events coming soon

Private Workshops:

Prior to the workshop, we conduct an assessment of your product organization, which is based on a set of approximately 10 interviews with cross-functional leadership and individual contributors. This allows us to properly tune the workshop content and provides a set of recommendations on where you can improve how your organization develops its products.

We offer this workshop either onsite or online. 

The online version is conducted via video conference in a series of sessions over a single week. The sessions include homework assignments and office hours to ensure access to the instructor. 

The in-person session runs for a single day and is held at or near your offices at a location of your choice.

Please contact us to learn more.

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