Coaching and development of product people is what SVPG has always been about, and we have a variety of options to help those companies that either don’t have the experience or don’t have the time for the necessary coaching.


Product Leadership Coaching

There are many heads of product (Director of Product Management, VP Product, Chief Product Officer) that need ongoing advice to manage transforming their product organization or who are newer to the product leadership position. SVPG has long been a friend in the corner for these people.  We can help you with the following types of advice:

  • establishing the necessary relationships with members of the executive team and key stakeholders
  • designing the product organization, including creating a staffing plan
  • as a member of the interview team for key product hires
  • reviewing your product vision
  • reviewing your product strategy
  • reviewing your team objectives
  • helping to assess members of the team and creating coaching plans for each member
  • reviewing written narratives for key product decisions
  • dealing with staffing, product and competitive issues that arise

Note that for startups, it is often the CEO or one of the co-founders that plays the head of product role.

This product executive coaching is provided by weekly video calls, along with as-needed access via calls and email.  We provide this service on a subscription, quarter-by-quarter basis, for as long as you consider it helpful.  Contact us to learn more.


APM Program Coaching

An APM Program is a technique we at SVPG have long encouraged as a way to develop exceptional product managers and product leaders.  While many companies have told us they would love to have such a program, they realize that it is predicated on having very experienced product leaders available to coach the APM members.  In cases where the leaders either lack that experience, or lack the time necessary for this level of intensive coaching, we can step in.  These are the types of services we provide for APM coaching:

  • participating on the interview team for selecting members for this program
  • performing an assessment of each member, and then crafting a customized coaching plan for each person
  • performing weekly teleconference coaching sessions with the APM group.

We provide this service on a subscription, quarter-by-quarter basis.  Normal pricing is based on up to 10 APM members.  Contact us to learn more.


Product Management Coaching

Good product organizations are continually investing in the ongoing development of their product managers. This type of coaching can work for any product company.

In this engagement, we host one teleconference session per week covering a topic that is relevant to the needs and context of your company. These sessions are interactive and open to anyone in your product organization. Contact us to learn more.


Product Discovery Coaching

SVPG has long advocated discovery coaching as a way to accelerate the skills development of your product teams.  While SVPG does not personally provide this product team-based level of coaching, we have a network of discovery coaches that we are happy to introduce you to.  Just contact us for an introduction.


Custom Coaching Services

If you have a unique situation where you believe we can help with coaching, feel free to contact us about this.

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