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When Performance Is Mesaured By Results

NOTE: I was invited to write the foreword for Christina Wodke’s new book on OKR’s, Radical Focus, and I am sharing the foreword here.

I was extremely fortunate to have started my career at Hewlett-Packard as an engineer during their heyday, when they were known as the industry’s most successful and enduring example of consistent innovation and execution.  As part of HP’s internal engineering management training program called “The HP Way," I was introduced to a performance management system known as “MBO” - Management by Objectives.

The concept was straight-forward, and based on two fundamental principles.  The first can easily be summed up with the famous General George Patton quote: "Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what you need done and let them surprise you with their results.”  The second was captured by HP’s tagline of that era, “When Performance Is Measured By Results.”  The idea here is that you can release all the features you want, but if it doesn’t solve the underlying business problem, you haven’t really solved anything. 

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