LOVED: Product Marketing Workshop

How to Rethink Product Marketing

This workshop is for Directors, Product Marketers, and executives wishing to improve the product marketing function, and shows how product marketing can be done well regardless of organizational structure.

We cover marketing strategy, positioning, messaging, agile marketing practices, and marketing measurement. We teach several one-sheet ‘canvas’ frameworks and attendees practice them using real company examples. 

Public Workshops:

We offer this workshop both online and in-person. 

The in-person workshop runs for one full day, It is typically held in San Francisco.

The online version is conducted via Zoom in four 2-hour sessions. These sessions occur at the same time on four consecutive days in a single week. 

Private Workshops:

We offer a limited number of private versions of this workshop. It may be either online or onsite. 

The online version is conducted via video conference in a series of sessions over a single week. The sessions include group exercises and office hours to ensure access to the instructor. 

The in-person session runs over one day and is held at or near your offices at a location of your choice.

Please contact us to learn more.


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