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Platform Product Management

One of the most difficult - but highest leverage - types of product management is to define successful platforms. By platforms, I am referring to foundation software that is used by application developers to create end-user solutions. Examples include operating...

Famous Product Managers

What do the following people all have in common? - Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape - Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon - Steve Case, co-founder of AOL - Michael Dell, founder of Dell - Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle - David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo! - Bill...

Product Validation

The past few newsletters have had references to what I call "Product Validation." This refers to verifying that the product spec (PRD) is describing a product that you know will be successful, but doing so without actually building out and deploying the product. This...

The Waterfall Product Development Process

In the last newsletter we discussed the Agile Development Processes, and the implications for product managers. In this newsletter we look at the process that the majority of product teams still follow, which is known as the “Waterfall” process. Even though the...

Agile Development Processes

Many product development organizations have been experimenting with what has become known as “Agile Software Development” methods, the most popular of which is known as “Extreme Programming” (XP) but there are several others including Crystal, Adaptive, Scrum, and...

Titles, Roles and Responsibilities

The more I discuss the role of product management with people the more I run into confusion about titles. The title “Product Manager” can mean very different things to different people, depending on the industry they’re from or even the particular company they work...

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